GDC 2014 Slides Compilation

Edit: I think the GDC Vault has been updated with all available content, so you may want to go there instead. See you next year!?

Get’em while they’re fresh! If you know of stuff missing here, please tell me about it on Twitter @TheJare. You can also check industry sites like Gamasutra, Polygon or Develop for ongoing coverage, and hopefully a lot of these materials will show up in the GDC Vault soon.



Production & Biz



Yesterday I had the honor to give a presentation at the SpainJS Javascript conference in Madrid, on the topic of Videogames and Javascript. I wasted a lot of time preparing a dynamic HTML5 page for my deck of slides, which was my excuse to play with CSS 3d transitions and fancy formatting. You can see the dynamic deck (which needs Chrome/Firefox or a similarly decent browser), the static deck (should work everywhere), a PDF I converted using wkhtmltopdf, the Speakerdeck, or the video. Enjoy!