GDC 2013

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone else is partying and having fun (or maybe not – WTF IGDA?) at GDC in San Francisco. I’ll try to collect any links to lecture materials I come across. If you know of stuff missing here, please tell me about it on Twitter @TheJare. You can also check industry sites like Gamasutra, Polygon or Develop for ongoing coverage, and hopefully a lot of these materials will show up in the GDC Vault soon.

Edit: also check out eXile’s awesome and better organized compilation (focused on programming & rendering).

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  2. Hi there. I also have been collecting numerous talks from the GDC 2013; you can find them here:

    When comparing our lists (I only collected programming and rendering related talks), I got three other talks to add to your list:

    1. Next Generation Character Rendering (only a teaser available yet, however the page will be presumably updated soon)
    2. Horizon and Beyond: A Look into Tomb Raider’s Tools
    3. A Survivor Reborn: Tomb Raider on DX11 – Jason Lacroix (Crystal Dynamics)

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  3. Sorry, the second item in the list should read:
    2. Casting a New Light on a Familiar Face: Light Based Rendering in Tomb Raider

    Its so easy to get a little bit disoriented by the sheer number of talks. 😉

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