The HTML1 series of lessons about HTML5 Canvas Game Programming

I started writing these articles while I was in the process of learning game-oriented HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript myself. Don't go in expecting full and detailed explanations of every bit and function; if you want to learn anything of substance, you will probably have to dive into the code.

Also, do not expect particularly solid software engineering practices. While I hope to keep my code fairly clean, I am not by any stretch an expert in JavaScript and its idiosyncrasies, and I will not even try to make everything 100% Object-Oriented, abstracted and/or extensible. I am not building a cohesive framework, just knowledge and code that lets me learn and which I (and maybe you) can hopefully use as a starting point for other projects. If what you are looking for is a complete game engine, look elsewhere. :)

Thanks to baktery (of Skale and Mandreel fame) for all sorts of discussions on this and many other topics.

I hope you enjoy these lessons. Please drop me a line if you find them useful and/or have any suggestion to make.

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